Friday, April 4, 2008

This is in response to this and this, both of which happened within a few days of each other. The stories are interesting but it's the comments sections of each article that really got me fired up.

Which brings me to my Why I Like Dallas and, Furthermore, Texas and Freely Choose to Live in Both list:

1. Cars - Let me make it clear that I hate traffic. And I like taking public transportation as often as possible. And I live on the same street my office building is on, making the carbon footprint of my daily commute comparable to that of our state's official bird, the hummingbird. All that aside, I love the idea that if I decide to stay out late or want to go to some out of the way restaurant, I am not reliant on a train or bus to get me home sometime before sunrise. Even better: I like shopping at Target. I like buying many items of varying size at Target. I also love Home Depot. I am not confined in what I can purchase due to the fact that I will be transporting said purchases back to my home via my Chevrolegs or a city bus. Call that very superficial and selfish. I will respond by asking you how you like these large bookshelves I got for $10 each at the Salvation Army last week.

2. Other people - Yes, there are a lot of the characters for which Dallas (and Houston and maybe Texas in general) are known for around here. The girls with fake hair and faker tans. The guys who wear more hair gel and self-tanner than the girls but still can muster the machismo to call people "faggots" etc. But have you been to New Jersey? Because, here's the thing, those people are EVERYWHERE. Go to LA. Go to Florida. Go to the Hulk Hogan household. They're everywhere. The idea that there's old oil barons are being escorted around town via a saddle tied to the back of a minority is hardly fair. Replace "old oil baron" with "technology marketing specialist" and "a saddle tied to the back of a minority" with "leased Mercedes" and you would be more on the right track.

3. Politics - This is a sticky one. I admit that I see this through rose colored glasses. I was raised by a wonderful liberal hippie mother. We volunteered for both Ann Richards campaigns. The names "Ann Richards" and "Jimmy Carter" were and still are met with a chorus of angels around my childhood home. I hate to say this but I can't think of any truly Republican friends I have ever had. And no, Ron Paul '08 doesn't count. All I know is that as I stood in the longest line I have ever seen to get into the Obama rally here in Dallas a month or two ago, Dallas hardly seemed to be lacking in forward-thinking Democrats. I think distinguishing between "Dallas" and "Plano/Frisco/The Colony/outlying suburbs where people move because it stays whiter longer" would help, too.

I consider myself a proud native of both Georgia (where I was born and raised and where all my family is from and still lives to this day) AND Texas. Both of which take a beating when it comes to public opinion. And to that I say a hearty and friendly "psha, whatevs" to all haters.

In good but totally unrelated news:


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THANK GOD, all I will wear are these. I prefer velcro fasteners to zippers and button. It's true just look at my shoes. No, seriously LOOK AT MY SHOES!! Anyway, I am very pleased with this turn of fashionable events. I will now develop a less expensive alternative and make a few bucks at Auto Shows and State Fairs. Yowza Bim Bam Boom!!