Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Consistently Funny and Engaging But Yet Don't Make the Top Three

Thanks to Yahoo Sports for saying nice stuff about my tiny Mavs blog here:

Yahoo Sports Ball Don't Lie

I didn't make the top three but I did get the honorable mention nod next to Mark Cuban's blog and since that guy seems to be doing pretty well for himself, I can at least console myself with that. In fact, if team owners got a vote, I might have ranked higher:

Amanda Cobra
September 18 at 10:16pm
too bad your blog and mine were the two mavs blogs that didn't quite make the cut for yahoo sport's top mavs blogs but at least we got the two honorable mentions, right?

congrats, i guess.

Mark Cuban
September 18 at 11:36pm
Report Message
i think you should have made it !!

So take that, Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. It helped me find your blog. Had forgotten Derek Harper's "You go live in Utah" until I read it. That made my day.

FYI - I am not outraged about Josh Howard. Still a little outraged about the trade for Kidd (he gave up on Dallas the first go round), but I give Cuban credit - his mistakes are mistakes of action and mistakes of enthusiasm. That goes a long way.

Masked Man

tommysauras rex said...

Could you please tell your good friend Mark Cuban that The Magnolia could really use those armrests that lift up.