Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone Sorry Yet?

I have nothing to say about yesterday's game. I have nothing to say about Tony Romo's hurt pinkie. It's fun to poke and prod the Cowboys when they don't play as well as they should.

Yesterday was a big, bloody football abortion. No one deserves any praise for anything. Except maybe Patrick Crayton, who is the only person on this team who seems to have a grasp on how badly the Cowboys have played for the past three weeks and what needs to happen to change that. Unfortunately, that "ass kicking" that Crayton thinks the Cowboys need is most surely not going to come from Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett.

The ass kicking will come from Roger Goodell, who is having a little sit-down convo with "Adam" Jones today. Not like he actually contributes to games. Unless somehow the NFL decides to start awarding points for most yards run backwards or to the side instead of forward.

Go Mavs!


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